Dhamaka will be renting out many of the elaborate costumes that were used in our past 3 annual shows as well as in other performances. Pictures and detailed descriptions of some of our costumes are below. If you're interested in any of these costumes or want to know other options that do not appear here, please contact Rajit at businessadministrator@http://www.penndhamaka.com for any questions about rentals.

Red/Blue Bhangra Costumes: Dhamaka's set of 12 (6 Red, 6 Blue) Bhangra costumes come with white kurtha, matching lungi, vest, turban with matching fan, and sash.

Blue and Gold Bhangra Costumes: This set of 10 navy blue bhangra costumes comes with creme-colored kurtha, navy blue vest with gold border, a matching navy blue lungi with gold border, and matching turban and fan pieces. We even have the gold sashes and neck and arm jewelry! Unfortunately, we cannot provide our amazing friend and pagdi-tier pictured above.

Traditional Garba/Raas: Dhamaka's set of 12 traditional Garba/Raas costumes come with everything but the dandia (and penciled-on mustaches)!

Multi-Colored Bhangra Costumes: These lavish costumes each include a kurta top, lungi bottom, brilliant vest, turban, decorative fan and tie for each turban, and jewelry. The embroidery on each set matches the vest and lungi color. Dhamaka has 10 costumes, 2 in each of the following colors: Black, Red, Green, Orange, and our personal favorite, Pink.

Orange and Blue Bhangra Costumes: Dhamaka has 12 (6 blue vest, 6 orange vest) sets of these fantastic bhangra costumes. Each set comes with a matching vest and lungi, and a kurtha of the opposite color. These costumes are great for all kinds of performances.

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